Topics in Computer Graphics
CS82/182 - Winter 2008
Instructor: Fabio Pellacini


For now consider this only as an overview of the topics covered and dates for assignments. A finislized schedule will be posted soon. The readings are refererences to the list given below. I have downloaded locally papers when available. Also note that all SIGGRAPH papers can be accessed using the ACM digital library.

date topic papers work
Jan 8 introduction | recap paper pref. to 1/31
Jan 10 hardware trends | APIs game pref. to 1/31
Jan 12 --- cancelled ---
Jan 15 shadows hardware assignment out
Jan 17 game: TBD hardware
Jan 22 avd. lighting shadows
Jan 24 game: TBD shadows assignment due
Jan 29 -- no lecture -- adv. lighting project description
Jan 31 -- no lecture -- adv. lighting project meeting
Feb 5 PRT ibl
Feb 7 project intro ibl
Feb 12 interactive ray tracing prt/irt
Feb 14 prt/irt
Feb 19 geometry simplification project milestone I
Feb 21 project milestone I
Feb 26 procedural geometry geom
Feb 28 game: spore geom
Mar 4 intro to physics
Mar 6 project milestone II project milestone II


shadow mapping
adv. lighting