Fundamentals of Computer Graphics



The Fundamentals of Computer Graphics course introduces students to the mathematical foundations of modeling and rendering three-dimensional scenes. Topics include digital image representation, geometrical transformations, curves and surfaces, illumination and shading models, and visible surface algorithms.



Please consider the following as guidelines. The final grading policies will be decided later.

The course evaluation is primarily based on four homeworks that will be distributed via Classroom. Performing correctly all homeworks results in maximum grade in a final exam. For each homework, we assign a score, with the final grade computed as the sum of the homeworks' grades. To reach the "lode", you have to complete the extra credit sections given in each homework. All homeworks need to be completed by the dates communicated. The final grade is assigned after an oral exam, where we will discuss the implementation of each homework. This oral exam will also serve as a check for cheating concerns, as discussed in class.

The course can also be completed without coming to class and doing homeworks. We discourage this avenue since topics cannot be discussed with the professor, but it is obviously possible. In this case, each student will have to complete a project that will assigned personally and will be discussed in the oral exam.

During the course you are allowed, and in fact strongly encouraged, to discuss the homeworks with other students and the professor. But when it comes to writing code, everything that you hand in has to be written by you alone. We will verify this during an oral exam at the end of the course.


Consult the Classroom site.


Consult the Classroom site.