Fundamentals of Computer Graphics


The Fundamentals of Computer Graphics course introduces students to the mathematical foundations of modeling and rendering three-dimensional scenes. Topics include digital image representation, geometrical transformations, curves and surfaces, illumination and shading models, and visible surface algorithms.



Please consider the following as guidelines. The final grading policies will be decided later.

The course evaluation is primarily based on homeworks that will be distributed via this website. Performing correctly all homeworks results in maximum grade in a final exam. For each homework, extra credit components are suggested and tallied separately. To receive the "lode", extra credit has to be performed. During the course you are allowed to discuss the homeworks with other students and the professor. But when it comes to writing code, everything that you hand in has to be written by you alone. We will verify this during an oral exam at the end of the course.



To submit the homwork, please use the instruction in the Google Group that will be supplied one week before the deadline.