Digital Art Minor

CS22. 3D Digital Modeling

offered Fall 06, time 10A, instructor, Loeb

This projects-based lab course teaches the principles and practices of 3D modeling. Lectures focus on principles of modeling, materials, shading, and lighting. Students create a fully rigged character model while learning their way around a state-of-the-art 3D animation program. Assignments are given weekly. Students are graded on the successful completion of the projects, along with a midterm examination. Work will be evaluated on a set of technical and aesthetic criteria.

CS32. Computer Animation

offered Fall 06, time 2, instructor, Loeb

This hands-on course focuses on state-of-the-art computer animation, presenting techniques for traditional animation and how they apply to 3D computer animation, motion capture, and dynamic simulations. Facial and full-body animation are covered through projects, readings, and presentations, including physical simulation, procedural methods, image-based rendering, and machine-learning techniques. Students will create short animations. This course focuses on methods, ideas, and practical applications, rather than on mathematics.

CS42. Projects in Digital Arts

offered Spring 07, time 2A, instructor, Pellacini

This is the culminating course for the Digital Arts Minor. Students from arts and sciences come together to complete projects in digital arts, including: 3D computer animations; innovative digital installations; creative mobile media; interactive pieces; 2D digital projects. Students work in small teams to complete work of a high production quality or work that incorporates innovations in technology. This course has a required laboratory period.

CS52. Computer Graphics

offered Fall 06, time 2A, instructor, Pellacini

The Computer Graphics course will introduce students to the mathematical foundations of modeling and rendering (drawing) three-dimensional scenes. Topics include digital image representation, geometrical transformations, curves and surfaces, illumination and shading models, and visible surface algorithms. Coursework will consist of a mixture of written homeworks and short programming assignemnts.

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