Texture Retrieval in the Wild through Detection-based Attributes

C. Joppi, M. Godi, A. Giachetti, F. Pellacini, M. Cristani
ICIAP, 2019


Capturing the essence of a textile image in a robust way is important to retrieve it in a large repository, especially if it has been acquired in the wild (by taking a photo of the textile of interest). In this paper we show that a texel-based representation fits well with this task. In particular, we refer to Texel-Att, a recent texel-based descrip- tor which has shown to capture fine grained variations of a texture, for retrieval purposes. After a brief explanation of Texel-Att, we will show in our experiments that this descriptor is robust to distortions resulting from acquisitions in the wild by setting up an experiment in which textures from the ElBa (an Element-Based texture dataset) are artificially distorted and then used to retrieve the original image. We compare our approach with existing descriptors using a simple ranking framework based on distance functions. Results show that even under extreme con- ditions (such as a down-sampling with a factor of 10), we perform better than alternative approaches.