SubEdit: A Representation for Editing Measured Heterogeneous Subsurface Scattering

Y. Song, X. Tong, F. Pellacini, P. Peers
ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH 2009), 2009


In this paper we present SubEdit, a representation for editing the BSSRDF of heterogeneous subsurface scattering acquired from real-world samples. Directly editing measured raw data is difficult due to the non-local impact of heterogeneous subsurface scatter- ing on the appearance. Our SubEdit representation decouples these non-local effects into the product of two local scattering profiles defined at respectively the incident and outgoing surface locations. This allows users to directly manipulate the appearance of single surface locations and to robustly make selections. To further facilitate editing, we reparameterize the scattering profiles into the local appearance concepts of albedo, scattering range, and profile shape. Our method preserves the visual quality of the measured material after editing by maintaining the consistency of subsurface transport for all edits. SubEdit fits measured data well while remaining efficient enough to support interactive rendering and manipulation. We illustrate the suitability of SubEdit as a representation for editing by applying various complex modifications on a wide variety of measured heterogeneous subsurface scattering materials.