b/Surf: Interactive Bèzier Splines on Surface Meshes

C. Mancinelli, G. Nazzaro, F. Pellacini, E. Puppo
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, 2022


We present a practical framework to port Be ́zier curves to surfaces. We support the interactive drawing and editing of Be ́zier splines on manifold meshes with millions of triangles, by relying on just repeated manifold averages. We show that direct extensions of the de Casteljau and Bernstein evaluation algorithms to the manifold setting are fragile, and prone to discontinuities when control polygons become large. Conversely, approaches based on subdivision are robust and can be implemented efficiently. We implement manifold extensions of the recursive de Casteljau bisection, and an open-uniform Lane-Riesenfeld subdivision scheme. For both schemes, we present algorithms for curve tracing, point evaluation, and approximated point insertion. We run bulk experiments to test our algorithms for robustness and performance, and we compare them with other methods at the state of the art, always achieving correct results and superior performance. For interactive editing, we port all the basic user interface interactions found in 2D tools directly to the mesh. We also support mapping complex SVG drawings to the mesh and their interactive editing.