Projects in Digital Art
COSC42 - Spring 2009
Instructor: Fabio Pellacini

Milestone 1: Storyboarding

Discussion date: April 9. Please note that all submission material is due the morning before at 8am.

General Description

In this milestone, you will produce the storyboard for your story and prepare a story pitch to tell us your story. Please be prepared to answer questions about you think you will create the story and in particular about the story style and what you expect will be the technical and production difficulties of your story.

Your story board should be between 10 and 30 hand drawn sketches and contain:

  • main story actions
  • dialogue
  • character sketches (just in the storyboard itself)
  • scene rough sketches (just in the storyboard itself)

You will be using these sketches (embedded in a Powerpoint presentation) to tell us your story during the discussion.

Submission Material

Send an email containing the following items to

  • Powerpoint presentation contaning your storyboard sketches arranged in a slide by slide fashion and additional slides you would like to use to further discuss your short (style, expected challanges...). Include a plan for how you think you will divide the work for the next milestone.