Projects in Digital Art
COSC42 - Spring 2008
Instructor: Fabio Pellacini

Milestone 7: Animation II - Final

Discussion date: May 20th. Please note that all submission material is due the day before at midnight.

General Description

In this milestone, you will produce a full version of your short that includes all final motion and sound effects. Please do not include music unless you feel that is necessary. Please note that this has to be your final animation/story! You will only be allowed to change the lighting and render at higher quality after this milestone!

You are to render this milestone using the final Maya renderer, no playblasts. Remember that you will only have one week after this to light, render and composite the whole thing! If you feel that the lighting you have is what you want already, please go ahead and render this at full quality - you just saved a week of work. Please review the prior assignments for comments on other technical issues.

Submission Material

Place the following content under your group UNIX account in /net/class/cs42/[groupName]/milestones/07-final_animation.

  • [required] Powerpoint presentations contaning a discussion of how you organized the process, with particular focus on what worked and what did not. You should feel free to talk about technical aspects of Maya, group dynamics, workflow, etc. When preparing your animation, you should consider that you will give your talk after the movie has played. You will use this to present your work; name this file "presentation.ppt".
  • [required] Maya files for the animated scene; name these files "shot##.mb".
  • [required] one video with the whole animation; name this file "animation.avi". (or .mov)