Projects in Digital Art
COSC42 - Spring 2008
Instructor: Fabio Pellacini

Milestone 3: Rigging and Set Dressing

Discussion date: April 22nd. Please note that all submission material is due the day before at midnight.

General Description

In this milestone, you will rig all characters (for body movement and facial expressions), and define environmental animations (e.g. squishing box, wiggly tower, feet on the ground) if needed. Doing so will require you to define deformations and put animation controls when needed. To test your rigs, you'll produce short animated clips to show how deformations change over time.

From a technical point of view, you are free to rig objects any way you'd like. At grading time, you will be judged on the quality of your deformed mesh.

Make sure all your objects deformed consistently with the actions you are planning to use for your story.

Submission Material

Place the following content under your group UNIX account in /net/class/cs42/[groupName]/milestones/03-rigging.

  • [required] Powerpoint presentation contaning screenshots of your objects; you will use this to present your work; name this file "presentation.ppt".
  • [required] one Maya file contaning all the objects rigged; name this file "submission.mb".
  • [required] one clip per character/object contaning a test animation for the body or animated environment; name this file "testRig#.avi".
  • [required] one clip per character contaning a test animation for facial expressions; name this file "testExpression#.avi".
  • [optional] other Maya files containing objects, to be used during the presentation.
  • [optional] other clips, sketches, drawing, etc. in your presentation.

You might also have to open the Maya files during the presentation to help us see deformations better. We might even do so ourselves to grade you.