Projects in Digital Art
COSC42 - Spring 2008
Instructor: Fabio Pellacini

Milestone 2: Modeling

Discussion date: April 15th. Please note that all submission material is due the day before at midnight.

General Description

In this milestone, you will model all characters, props and environments needed for your story. While you will not rig your characters yet, you will have to decide how you plan to do it and report it during the presentation. Remember that you will only have one week to rig, which is considerably little time.

For all your characters, decide how to provide the facial expressions needed in your story. If using blend shape, which will likely be necessary, please model the required poses during this milestone. Remember that these facial expressions are likely to be what sells your story and that you absolutely will have no time to remodel them later.

While you are not required to do characters' studies, you should include in your submission any drawing, sketches, or paintings you did for this milestone. In our experience, it is often useful to sketch characters first, before diving into computer modeling.

From a technical point of view, you are free to model objects any way you'd like. For characters, we suggest you use subdivision surfaces. For props, you can use the method you are most familiar with, but using either polygons and subdivs might help uniform your pipeline.

While this milestone will only focus on shape, feel free to assign rough colors to your objects and environments to get an initial feel of the final look.

Make sure all your objects are modeled to the right scale and have a consistent look-and-feel. While you can model them separately, in the end you'll have to hand in one file with all objects in it, preferably placed in relationship with each other.

Submission Material

Place the following content under your group UNIX account in /net/class/cs42/[groupName]/milestones/02-modeling.

  • [required] Powerpoint presentation contaning screenshots of your objects; you will use this to present your work; name this file "presentation.ppt".
  • [required] one Maya file contaning all the objects modeled; name this file "submission.mb".
  • [optional] other Maya files containing single objects, to be used during the presentation.
  • [optional] include sketches, drawing, etc. in your presentation.

You might also have to open the Maya files during the presentation to help us see your objects better.