Projects in Digital Art
COSC42 - Spring 2007
Instructor: Fabio Pellacini

Milestone 8: Lighting and Rendering

Discussion date: May 29th. Please note that all submission material is due the day before at midnight.

General Description

In this milestone, you will produce final lighting, render your short and edit it at full quality. This submission is the final one and you will be graded on this.

You are to render your movie at 640 by 480 resolution at the highest quality for the Maya renderer and with full lighting. Your final submission should include sound; please note that we only require the sound necessary for storytelling and nothing more (but you are welcome to add more if you have the rights for it). You should submit either an AVI or Quicktime file.

Note: If you would like to keep working on the project after the milestone, feel free to do so and drop the results in the "postproduction directory". I will not grade that.

Submission Material

Place the following content under your group UNIX account in /net/class/cs42/[groupName]/milestones/08-lighting-rendering.

  • [required] Powerpoint presentations contaning a discussion of anything you'd like us to know about how the project went. A chronology, some funny facts, some cool/weird shots that did not make it in, tehnical and workflow issues, group dynamics, a behind the scene thing. Anything is fair. For this presentation, all group participants should be present. You will use this to present your work; name this file "presentation.ppt". If you'd like, you can use this presentation to show your friends during the final showing.
  • [required] Maya files for the animated scene; name these files "shot##.mb".
  • [required] one video with the whole animation; name this file "FINAL.avi". (or .mov)