Programming for Interactive Digital Arts
CS 2, Winter 2010


This page will be updated daily to weekly with current and upcoming topics. Notes will be provided for each class, linked from the date; feedback and additional examples (yours or things you find) are appreciated. Chapter references, when available, are to the course textbook, Learning Processing.

Jan 4Introductionintro; ch. 2sa1
Jan 6Basic drawingch. 1sa2sa1
Jan 8Variationch. 3sa3sa2
Jan 11Statech. 4sa4sa3
Jan 13Responding conditionallych. 5.1-5.7sa5sa4
Jan 15More of the abovehw1sa5
Jan 18--- cancelled --- MLK day
Jan 20Basic motionsa6
Jan 21 xIterationch. 6sa7sa6
Jan 22Functions and transformationsch. 7hw2hw1
Jan 25Moving objectsch. 8sa8sa7
Jan 27Pseudo-physicsch. 5.8sa8
Jan 29Reviewhw2
Feb 1Midterm2009 | 2009 solution | 2008
Feb 3TA review
Feb 5Multiple objectsch. 9sa9
Feb 8Particle systemssa10sa9
Feb 10Spring systemshw3sa10
Feb 11 xCase Studych. 10
Feb 12--- cancelled --- winter carnival
Feb 15Imagesch. 15.1-15.4sa11
Feb 17Pixelssa12sa11
Feb 19Image processingch. 15.5-15.10hw4hw3
Feb 22Moviesch. 16.3sa13sa12
Feb 24Webcamch. 16.1, 16.2, 16.4sa14sa13
Feb 26Video processingch. 16.5-16.8projhw4
Mar 1Reviewsa14
Mar 3Midterm 22009 | 2009 solution | 2008
Mar 5Recursion
Mar 8Project Presentationsproj